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Kindness School Assemblies

School Assemblies

Over 50,000 each year take on a challenge to see which school in the country can make the biggest difference in the world in just 15 Days. Read More

Kindness Cards

Kindness Cards

A fun & simple way to track the ripple effect of a single act of Kindness. Be Kind & leave a card behind, and watch the ripple of Kindness unfold online. Read More

Global Kindness

Global Impact

Shoes, water filters, and e-tutoring schools in Central Kenya are supported by thousands of students and volunteers of our Kindness Crew. Read More

Our Programs

Elementary School Assembly

Each school is challenged to document 5,000 acts of Kindness in just 15 Days. We send a speaker into your school, host an assembly, and provide Kindness journals, posters, morning announcement CD’s, and teach ideas. We create a Kindness Take-Over of your school, for 15 Days!

Middle and High School Assembly

Each school launches with a motivational assembly and is challenged to not only make a massive difference in their school, but also the world in just 15 Days! Schools take on daily acts of Kindness within their school and host unique global campaigns that not just get their school on board, but their entire community. 

Kindness Cards

Kindness Cards is a fun and simple way to track the ripple effect of a single act of Kindness. Each card comes with a unique code, that when entered in online, will display each act of Kindness that card has inspired, where in the world it has been, and also allows each user to connect via Facebook to track their cards journey around the world. 

Global Initiatives

We’ve created a micro-enterprise system that provides shoes to families in developing countries, we’ve built e-tutoring schools that link teachers with orphans around the world, fund college scholarships for the children of the Tumaini Childrens home, and thousands of shoes and water filters in Central Kenya. 

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  • We've had a bully problem at our school for the past several years. We wanted to address the issue with a program that was different. The assembly was not only fun to watch, but made a tremendous impact in our student culture. I would highly recommend this program to any school.

    Mr. Gradi , Middle School Principal

  • At first our students thought it was going to be impossible to document 5,000 acts of Kindness. . . but after the assembly and 15 days later we hit over 10,000 acts! Truly incredible. It even inspired me to be a better person, let alone our entire school.

    Mrs. Slavic, Elementary School Principal

  • For their size. . . they do HUGE things. From schools tours around the country to funding collage scholarship for orphans in Kenya, I am constantly impressed how much they inspire and how they cultivate change in people and around the world.

    Dr. Calvetti, ~ College Professor

  • I had high expectations for today. They were BLOWN out of the water with the beyond exciting assembly that Brian Williams and Think Kindness presented to my student body today. I can't wait for our challenge to begin. I have a feeling that this is the most involved they will be. The positive culture at our school is going places - and it will all be greater than any year that has been experienced in a long time at O'Brien Middle School. Thank you to all who came - it was exceptionally fantastic.

    Rebecca Rejman, Teacher, O'Brien Middle School


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